What makes Brand Activations the most sought after successful BTL marketing activity?
December 21, 2020

Brand activation is an extremely popular direct marketing activity which can connect to the end customers by the brand which is marketed.

Brand activations have been around for decades, in the rural as well the urban segment targeting customers who would get the taste of what the brand is about, see, feel, touch and share their experiences with the Brand owners.

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In our younger days we could see very basic form of brand activations of soaps, detergents, cosmetics, rat killer medicines in the crowded market place of a village or simply the blaring use of a mike by a person in a rickshaw or even in a bicycle. BTL activities have evolved tremendously over the years with product disposition and appeal highlighting done more effectively.

What exactly do we really know about brand activation?

Brand activation is one such critical aspect of BTL marketing activity. It is any such engagement which has a direct face to face interaction or connection between the brand and the customer, where the customer gets to feel and experience the product in his or her own eyes, touch, smell, taste, etc the physical product and thus can form an emotional connect with the brand and form an experience and an opinion.

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This activity is in essence a BTL activity and the same could be applied not only for new product launches, the same could also be applicable for existing products as well. While for the former it would entail showcasing a newly launched product and a brand, for the latter, it is more of brand identity reinforcement.

The best advantages of branding and brand activation are as follows –

  • Creating brand awareness – a direct and a formidable brand imagery is formed instantly
  • Strengthening the relationship between the customer and the brand along with increasing the brand’s recall value.

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  • Engages the customers with the brand promoters which help them to gather their essential details which are a surefooted way to generate a database of potential customers. This activity is extremely effective for any product brand to connect and influence potential buyers either in an outside location or inside location like a shopping mall.
  • Getting valuable customer feedback of a brand – when you walk in the departmental store for the purchase of your monthly groceries, you have a smartly dressed customer executive walk up to you and offer their new brand of potato fingers for tasting for free. You eat the same and give your feedback instantly to the executive who writes your details down. If you like the product you may buy the same or if you do not like the product you can tell the executive who will not down your point of displeasure. In this way the company who manufactures that brand which is being promoted, gets valuable feedback for the course correction.

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Brand activation is comparatively much lesser a marketing spend compared to other above the line marketing like advertising in the Television, Newspapers or Magazines. Unlike the mass media spend on promotion of brands without an effective reach and result, BTL activities are more effective and help to build up the brand in a surefooted way.

The potential customers are engaged more effectively and the power to retain the brand’s registration in the minds of the customers.