What makes a Wedding Event worth remembering throughout the whole life?
September 15, 2020

There is a well known and often quoted proverb that ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’. It is actually destiny which brings two different human beings together for life. In India, weddings are grand affairs which are remembered by a couple and also by the families and friends of both the sides for a long time.

To successfully arrange a wedding event nowadays, a lot of families hand over the entire responsibility to a professional wedding event organizer and hire them to manage the entire show. Hindusthan Events is one of the top event organizers in Kolkata, which organizes professional wedding events in this city.

But what really makes a wedding event successful?

  1. Theme Selection – every marriage party should have a theme based on which the entire program would be set. The theme should cover the scale and the objective for the party, which people who would attend would remember it for long time.
  2. The budget allocated for the event is the most important part based on which the entire event’s plan would be worked upon. Once the total budget is decided on by the family (it might be the groom’s side or from the bride’s side or jointly), then the next allocation on respective heads would follow suit.
  3. Making a plan and breaking up the entire event into different sections or categories. Budget allocation of each categories and fixing deadlines to complete the individual jobs on that particular date. Taking care of logistical issues to organize each work and organizing manpower requirements. Fixing a SOP for each of the jobs and formulating Plan A, Plan B & Plan C for each of the jobs which are essential for the systematic and successful completion of each job for the final event or the D Day.
  4. Venue Selection – if the event is held in the same city of domicile by the both sides of the groom and the bride, then a local venue needs to be set. While selecting the venue, the logistical parameters need to be taken into consideration. In case of a destination wedding, the entire format needs to made and carried to that selected venue.
  5. Photography and Video shooting – to make the wedding event memorable photography and video shoot is a very important aspect. Inclusion of a choreographer and working closely with the dress designer with the photographer and video shooter needs to be done and a proper planning needs to be set by the team. Here the models are the bride and the groom and their family members and friends, hence a coordination plan needs to be shared and trial runs also need to be done beforehand.
  6. Choosing the food menu and deciding on the cocktails – a good wedding never gets completed without proper dining and wining, hence choice of menu, fixing of budgets, presentation, etc, needs proper planning beforehand and flawless execution.
  7. Venue decoration – based on the theme of the wedding, the place where the wedding is to be held needs to be designed. Calculation of the time required, inventory required, use of fresh flowers, etc, all these materials need sourcing beforehand. These are the creative part of the wedding event organizer and this is why Hindusthan Events are the best event planner company in Kolkata.
  8. Transport arrangement – arrangement of transport for the movement of the people who would be organizing the event as well as for the hosts and their guests might be required to be taken up by the event management company. This needs a lot of consideration.
  9. Acoustics and Lighting – An important part of the event which needs careful focus. There are some licenses/permissions required to be taken from the local authorities like the municipal corporations and the police. If the event is held in a closed environment like a banquet hall or in a hotel, generally the same is organized by the same venue owners or management, however if it is held in an open ground the event organizer needs to take care of these permissions.
  10. Security – Last but not the least is the importance of arranging for the security of the event, on the location and for the safety of the hosts and their guests.

These are the basic parameters which work for making a wedding event successful. The event managers competency is proven when they are able to manage all these issues well and they are able to maintain a level head in case where things don’t work out as per plans, as the business of event management involves dealing with people from all sides and to produce an event which is flawless and smooth.