What are the nuances of organizing a corporate event with finesse?
May 19, 2021

Everybody must have heard a famous childhood phrase – “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This maxim applies very well with a lot of corporate sector employees as well as employers to break the monotony of every day 9 am to 7 pm mundane job holed up in the corporate cubicles.

Most of the big companies with a sizable number of employees follow this philosophy quite religiously and thus at certain times of the year they undertake these employee engagement programs which involves a corporate event where executives assemble in a different location away from their corporate setup and learn a few management lessons, get awards for their annual performance and also chill away with colleagues wining and dining.

To organize this type of employee engagement program large corporate hire the Best Corporate Event Management Company in Kolkata who organizes these corporate events on a turnkey basis. The HR department of the corporate house works full time in making these company-sponsored events successful as this falls under their ambit to provide the best employee engagement, motivation, and retention activity for good staff.

A lot of these corporate events get organized in a holiday destination tying up with a resort or a 5-star hotel for a span of 2 to 3 days at the maximum. The employees are relocated at the company’s expenses from the corporate base headquarters to the event or conference destination and back. In most of these events, a day’s conference is also placed so that the element of a few pieces of learning is also easily incorporated with the regime of the corporate culture of the organization.

For the hired event Management Company that organizes these corporate events, they are required to follow these following protocols effectively for them to churn out a good corporate event.

  1. Getting an understanding of the budget of the organization for the corporate event
  2. Understanding the motive of the company and the HR department regarding their plan
  3. What is the objective behind organizing a corporate event? Is it for employee relaxation only or some relaxation and some learning?
  4. How many employees will be attending this event?
  5. Will it be in a distant location or in a location which is closer to the office? In case of the event happening in a distant location, how will the employees’ commute? Will the company allot a separate budget for their traveling?
  6. Will there be a conference in this event where the employees would be attending to learn?
  7. Any awards presentation activity along with the event?
  8. Plans of wining and dining

These are some of the factors which need a proper briefing on the initial instance when taking up a job of a corporate event. There are some of the finest seminar and conference organizers in Kolkata who engages professionally with corporate houses and are equipped and scaled up to handle these type of corporate events with a great amount of ease and élan.

An event management company that specializes in these activities requires special skills and connectivity with destination properties, travel organizers, and a host of other logistical support systems. After all, it is for this reason only that they will be hired by the corporate house and they certainly need to be fully proficient in these areas of operation.