What are some of the virtual event ideas?
May 28, 2020

With a disease as deadly as the one caused by Covid-19, the event industry is setting a huge setback just like many other industry across the globe. But at Hindusthan Events, we are constantly brainstorming ideas which will be helpful in organizing LIVE events or virtual events. In this blog, we are going to take you through some of these ideas so that you can buckle up and get back in business.

  • Digital Live Scribing

A unique type of content is to bring on-board an artist to create a real-time illustration. This form of creation is known as live scribing. These can be later used in holding a panel discussion on.

  • Live competitions

Competitions like ‘Battle of Apps’ are coming up to keep the innovation intact within us. Other form of competitions which can be organised online are also being encouraged.

  • Virtual Entertainment

Organizing musical performances or any other form of performing art form online is a great way to reach out and help people get through this difficult time. Any online streaming platform can be used for the same.

  1. Health and Well being activities

One important daily activity that is getting hampered during the lockdown period for being unable to go to the gym is the daily workout that most of us used to do. Hence, it’s a great idea to make and publish daily online workout and dance videos to help people stay in shape.

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