What goes inside creating a blockbuster event?
September 7, 2020

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

This quote is perhaps one of the finest one which suits to define event management. Event management has evolved as one of best marketing initiatives for any organization, brand, cultural or even a personal extravaganza. We say extra extravaganza, as, an event is one such initiative which can bring an entire audience under one roof or area to showcase or share the insight of either a marketable brand, a social program, a welfare initiative, or an accreditation from people of the closed section of the community to boost one’s self esteem and dream.

In organizing any type of the above mentioned events in the City of Joy, there is one company, Hindusthan Events, who scores over the rest as the best event management company in Kolkata. The company has a rich experience behind them with a highly motivated team to give the best professional expertise and outcome to an event executed very well. There are a lot of things for consideration to make an event successful. Some of them are –

  1. A definitive and clear cut objective to organize an event. Whether it is a personal or an organization’s event, what is of prime importance, is the ideology and the thought process of creating the event.
  2. A budget. A plan is no plan if there is no earmarked budget for a program. The overall total budget needs to be then allocated under different heads of expenses, preferably with a buffer in hand to facilitate absorption of expenses in case expenses overshoot due to certain exigencies or in case of a recourse of objectives.
  3. Venue selection. The event needs to be held at a venue which might be in a Hotel, Banquet Hall, in an open ground or in a public place. In case of an event in an open ground or a public place it is important to take written permissions from the local Civic and Police authorities.
  4. The audience. An event is the congregation of a group of people under one roof or in one place to facilitate to promote a commercial brand, a corporate or social objective, or simply to hold a family gathering for a marriage, a cultural event by an association, or a campaign in a public place.
  5. In case the event has the element of serving Food, cocktails or refreshments, then these are areas which needs high consideration and a great deal of planning. A perfect event is never complemented well, if the attendees are not fed well.
  6. Logistics and manpower support. To organize a successful event the element of good logistical and manpower support is essential.
  7. Spending on creating awareness for the event is another part which requires high focus. If the event is to draw attention of people then special campaigns need to be organized before hand and promotion needs to be start at a designated time much before the date of the event to attract the audience.