The efficacy of physical brand promotion
May 11, 2021

The most formidable way to market a brand is by establishing direct one-to-one communication with potential buyers. In Marketing, this holistic trend and path are applicable for almost all types of products, consumables, services, etc.

Selling a product through direct marketing has been an age-old tradition and it continued to become fanciful and ingenious based on the ingenuity of the seller. In earlier days products used to be sold in ‘mandis’ or open markets which used to have a congregation of buyers. There the seller would announce the bid and buyers would buy from him.

In modern days however the same system has undergone a drastic change and has become more professional in approach than anything else. There are Event Promotion Management Companies in Kolkata that are especially attuned to help market a brand with great success.

How they do it?

They simply narrow down their objective in a few points –

  1. A thorough understanding of the product. To sell a product the most important aspect of it is to know the product well and its use.
  2. Identifying the target audience. Essentially this is a clear-cut definition of the potential customers who might be interested and inclined to buy the product for their benefit and usage.
  3. What is the USP of the brand? USP or the unique selling proposition of the brand is the differentiating factor that makes the brand unique from its competitors in the same product category. Understanding the USP well would help the marketer to prepare a perfect pitch to the target audience in a better manner.
  4. Price and product offer point – this is the special offer that makes the brand attractive to gain an immediate attraction for the brand.

Armed with these basic features the promotion company sets up a promotion plan. Taking an example would be of great help here –

In the case of a launch of the latest motorcycles from the TVS Motor Company, the Two Wheeler manufacturer decides to engage in a direct promotional campaign for 3 months covering the semi-urban areas of West Bengal. They engage the services of the best promotional event service providers in Kolkata and ask them to promote their motorcycle carrying it in a tableau and traveling to a designated crowded part where there is a hangout of a sizable number of youths.

The tableau goes there and gets stationed. The promoters start talking about the brand and get the attention of the people who are potential buyers, inquiries start flowing in and people flock around the tableau to check out the new motorcycle.

The promoters organize contests and give away free coupons and discounts to people who are interested to book the product with a token amount of money. This activity creates a huge follow back and a list of potential customers who can be contacted later to sell the motorcycle.

This kind of activity not only strengthens the value proposition of the brand it also generates customer information and product feedback which is invaluable for the success of the brand.