Structure your social media plan based on the principles of Event Design.
February 29, 2020

Now, at Hindusthan Events, we often get asked about what ‘event design’ was. To answer to that question, event design is a very prolific word in the event management industry. Apart from planning out events, it is also important to highlight the process of an event on various online channels. The process of events highlighted is basically what we know as ‘event design’. Now, the other question that arises inevitably is how do the budding event planners structure their social media on the basis of the principles of event design? In this blog, we are going to answer just that.

  • Visualization and event design

Visual thinking is very necessary before you get on with an event. Similarly, the visual aspect of social media makes it very easy to help the planner think visually and in turn become useful in excavating new clients.

  • Use the hashtags wisely

‘#eventdesign’ is one hashtag that often gets used in the wrong context. It is important for you to choose your hashtags well to reach the right audience.

  • Maintain a frequency of posts

There actually are various strategies to get your job done. Yet, it is advisable to post at least once every day to keep your audience updated of every change that you bring about.

To stand out in the crowd, you need your work to be out there, visible and available to people. Hence, putting your event design on social media will bring yourself closer to the motive. And when it comes to event related issues and queries, Hindusthan Events is undoubtedly better than the best. They know their job well and the result has made numerous clients happy. Hence, it is of no wonder Hindusthan Events is the best event management company in Kolkata.