How to score a high brand recall for an online event?
September 18, 2020

With the Covid 19 hitting the entire world, the total dimension of holding physical events in a location has gone for a change. In the good old days before 8 months marketers were targeting consumers or their target audience by organizing physical events in a venue. The objective was to assimilate or congregate likeminded curious people in one location and do a marketing blitzkrieg to promote a brand.

However, with the Coronavirus hitting all the nations across the world, there are restrictions, advice and in some cases mandatorily, people are being asked to stay indoors and work and play from home only. Event management as an industry, globally have had taken a great beating leading to cancellations of all major events, seminars, exhibitions, wedding parties, etc. However the industry has evolved since then and the new format of holding any major event is turning out to be in the digital format or in the virtual platform.

It has been proved that the online platform of holding such events have proved to be somewhat successful, although a physical attending of an event’s prospect can never be compromised, remaining unparalleled, of course. The example of that fall out is the scores of webinars and online conferences that are happening all over the world.

Organizing an online seminar, conference or a musical event, for example has several bottlenecks as well as a whole lot of advantages too. After the demise of Pandit Jasraj there was an invitation to me from a voluntary association, called SPIC MACAY, which promotes Hindusthani(Indian) Classical Music. Since I am a buff in this segment the organizers tracked me down and targeted me for a Sunday evening of soul stirring musical renditions from the finest vocalists and maestros of Indian classical instruments and classical dancers’ performances from all across the world, in remembrance and homage to Pandit Jasraj. All I had to do is register myself free of cost by clicking in a link of the youtube page and register there with my email id and my mobile no. I was given a couple of prior notifications by SPIC MACAY so that I would not forget about the event and thus I kept myself free to attend the event. I even happened to forward the link to a couple of my friends who are interested in Indian Classical music.

Now that was a non paid voluntary event. But there were and are, other events too which have been organized and are being organized from all across the world in some of the industry segments where people would love to attend these events or seminars which involves expert speaks, live performances, concerts, etc where people do not mind paying up online to register and attend the event. It also forms as a definitive marketing strategy for brand manufacturers and sponsors for the event for the total captivity of the audience. It would involve lesser investments and without the goodies like a healthy inclusion of your favorite whiskey assorted with the choicest food, and would also involve lesser cost of hiring such experts or performers for the event (since the experts or performers would not be required to travel physically to a venue), such wizardry are being undertaken by professional event organizers to organize a spectacular shows on the internet.

These are new forms and new faces of the evolving event management companies and one such company is Hindusthan Events, who are the virtual event management company in Kolkata. With their considerable expertise and understanding the psyche of their customers as well as the attendees, their expertise is unparalleled.