How to organize a good conference?
December 16, 2020

A good professional conference requires the presence of existential skill to organize the event in a surefooted planned way which will enable the attendees to feel comfortable as well feel elated in a business environment. The skills required are not only multitasking abilities, but also a lot of business planning, a sound financial planning, the ability to communicate well, a well adherence to time frames and loads of energy and also the ability to work with a diverse team of people who are with a different mind frame and have different ways of working.

Conference planning is different from other types of event planning and includes additional steps. Conferences tend to be large-scale events that typically take a year or more to plan. Your to-do list may include selecting a venue, booking hotel rooms, setting up online registration, securing speakers, arranging hospitality suites, hosting an exhibit hall, scheduling meetings, handling food and beverage and more. Preparing a well-organized conference planning guide that maps out the steps is a must-have for any successful conference planner.

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The conference planning guide acts as a blueprint for planning any conference. Customize and modify the guide based on the event you are planning and keep it close at hand. When prepared and used properly, it will soon become your most valuable conference planning tool.

The primary basics behind organizing a successful conference –

  • The date of the event and time.
  • The location of the event.
  • A clear understanding of the purpose of the conference.
  • The complete budget outlay for the conference.

Based on the above points the entire planning is done and then steps are taken in the direction of establishing the blueprint for the conference. These essential elements can come from an agency like Hindusthan Events who are excellent conference planners in Kolkata.

Next what follows are –

  • Selecting the venue of the conference.
  • Selecting the property where the conference shall be held.
  • Gauging the no of people who would attend the meeting and the space required to accommodate them in one place as an audience.
  • The number of exhibit booths that can be set up inside or outside the conference room
  • Speakers, exhibitors and attendees registration planning and processes.
  • Making travel arrangements for guests, speakers and also attendees, if required.
  • Organizing food and beverages during the course of the conference and also during break hours.

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  • Taking care of audio visual arrangements, stage set ups, backdrop, giant display screens, seating arrangements of the guests and attendees and also the speakers on the dais.
  • Creation of the registration desk outside the conference area and training people to handle the registration desk effectively.
  • Chalk out the entire conference itinerary and the flowchart of the conference along with the entire team.
  • Delegating responsibilities to different team members of handling each part of the conference.
  • Plan a grand opening ceremony for the conference, and lighting of the lamp to start the conference.
  • Handling celebrities if required, who would attend the conference to grace the occasion and also hiring a compeer, if required.
  • Last but not the least, having a separate Media corner for press photographers and reporters who would attend the conference to cover it in their respective Medias.

Handling all these required immense expertise which is prevalent with Hindusthan Events who are the best seminar and conference organizers in Kolkata.

The most important part of organizing is handling the finances associated with the same event and also managing each task in a decided and dedicated timeframe.  It is in essence a great management of people, money, organization and time.