How to make jaw dropping presentations: Tips and Advices
February 29, 2020
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We might as well begin with asking you guys to be ready with your pen and paper because in this blog, we have got the experts from Hindusthan Events to drop some wisdom about event presentations. To get on field, it is very important to for the event planners to set a bar for the attendees that will define the experience they are about to have. Hence, a good event presentation is going to take you through a long way.

  1. Design is you best bait.

That being said makes one thing very clear: content isn’t everything. It surely is an important part, but isn’t everything. The designs of your presentation should speak for you and should express what you are trying to portray in the event idea. Impressive designs are the first thing to catch the eyes of the attendees.

  1. Need above everything else.

If the kind of presentation you want to put forth calls for a PowerPoint file, then that is specifically what you need. Irrespective of if it’s a PowerPoint presentation or keynote, there are a few needs that are to be taken care of, such as, the resolution of the file and the aspect ratio.


  • Insert video content. Video contents make the presentation look fresh and appealing.
  • Extra ending slides are something that should be added which holds the logo in between each slides.
  • Take care of the timing. Get your presentations checked by the operator so that a presentation which cannot be played becomes the last thing happening to you.

So, now that everything has been told and explained, are you ready to take you event presentations to the next level?

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