How do amazing ideas in event management create a great audience?
April 21, 2021

Event Management is one of the most creative streams in the field of Marketing. This is primarily because like any facet of Marketing it deals with targeting an audience who might be prospective buyers of any product or service.

When it is about reaching out to the audience then there has to be some unique idea or concept which will create a lasting impression in the minds of the potential customers. There are some of the very best Event Planner Companies in Kolkata that can give the best innovative ideas of event management.

In this blog, we try to present some unique ideas which are already creating a lot of buzz in this field. These are unique and virtually without any expenses involved –

  • Creative Instagram Frame banners – Make your own Instagram giant frame, pop some mustaches on sticks, or dig out the old retro dressing-up outfits and wigs to create a photo prop box at your event that guests can pose with.
  • Undercover marketing – Let your team members go undercover in finding out what makes the particular event click by randomly interacting with the participants and also promote the idea or concept of the brand being marketed.
  • Flashing of Banners – Get the old and traditional banners to be displayed by the attendees with a remark on the purpose of their presence in the event.
  • Use hashtags in all social media platforms – Get attendees Tweeting, Facebooking, and sharing your event on social media by encouraging them to use an event-specific hashtag and get it trending.
  • Branding the sidewalk to entice participants to attend the show – Add fun pictures, event themes, hashtags, you’re social media accounts, or a chalk entranceway to get people talking about your event and entice them inside.
  • Send informative newsletters – Always keep your attendees up to date regarding the event and talk about offers, give exclusive content and the interesting details of the event. The emails should be strong and precise.
  • Send digital invites and save on your expenses
  • Let organizers of the event wear the event T-Shirts for branding – Create t-shirts with the event logo, details, and future event dates and distribute them wisely to staff and influencers who will wear them, or use them giveaways and mobile marketing opportunities.
  • Create a photo frame-centric entrance for the event – Engage with the guests and strike their interest from the very beginning with these strung photos. You could use personal photos if you know the attendees or previous event photos if you don’t.
  • Use buntings that are made at home – Spruce up tables, stages, or entrances with homemade bunting, you could use it as a marketing opportunity too.
  • Use signages which are made by hand – Ask somebody to write relevant communications which are made by hand using calligraphy or any other fancy form of lettering.
  • Use décor by sprucing up your natural objects – Use what you have available and spruce it up to make talking points at your event, even if you are outside.

There are a whole lot of other ideas which can be used to drive communication with a high degree of efficiency and efficacy. Hire such a set of people who are the most creative event organizing company in Kolkata. There are a lot of such creative people who can think out of the box.

The objective is to use your ingenuity and artistic sense and create something which is generally not available in the standard format. And all this can happen without spending a dime yet which would be appreciable to a whole lot of people who would attend an event.