Can Technology can help in making events possible during a pandemic?
May 30, 2020

The coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic had led to the complete shutdown of a lot of countries. And now that things are getting better for some, there are countries which are onset of announcing the easing of lockdown measures. This also means that the pending events can be focussed on at this point. But how?

Technology is the key.

Macro level technology

With such a deadly virus lurking around, what we basically are looking at to make small events possible is the smart usage of technology that will allow us to make nano events possible.

  • UV-C Purifiers

These purifiers helps in clearing out a space of corona virus. It was first announced by Brussels Expo.

  • Thermal Scanners

Usage of thermal scanners have already abandoned in number. It’ll help in scanning the attendees on arrival.

  • Digital Signage

The position and place of attendee line up has to be marked clearly along with maintaining a communicating distance through displays.

  • Engagement and community apps

Ensuring the delivery of engagement and networking elements can be done using the events app. Live events can take place that way.

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