12 simple ways to promote your event using social media
October 28, 2020


1.      Create an event on Facebook and promote it on your business page

Facebook events help people see them, interact with them, and, most importantly, get the key event information from there. Promoting the event on your business Facebook page serves two purposes:


  • Followers who land on your business page for other reasons will learn about your event.
  • Followers who are invited to your Facebook event can invite their friends.


2.      Use Facebook ads to promote the event

This method requires a small investment, but it can be worth it to help you reach a larger audience who you may not have connected with yet. Facebook ads can target a specific demographic so you can be sure to reach your target audience, which will likely give you a higher conversion rate.


3.      Post a short video with highlights from similar previous events

Show your customers what they can expect from an event hosted by you by creating a video of highlights from last year’s event. Then, post the video on your YouTube channel and on your Facebook page to share it with your friends and followers.


4.      Tweet visual testimonials about previous events/workshops

To capitalize on this, you can use testimonials from your previous attendees to show potential customers the value of your event and gain their trust. Post behind-the-scenes images on Instagram about event preparations. Posting an attention-grabbing behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram will make followers feel like they’re in on the action and will help get them super excited for the event.


5.      Create shareable, social-media-ready images for your website

Our main interactions with customers come from a blog or website. However, that doesn’t mean social media can’t be of help. Use plug-ins on your website to make it easy for excited attendees to share images with information about the event on their social media networks.


6.      If it’s a repeat event, share photos of attendees having fun at last year’s event

People want to see what they’re signing up for, and a great way to do this is to show them images from a previous event!


7.      Create an event hashtag

Hashtags are a great way for people to follow along with a certain event through a simple search on their social media networks. Hashtags can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so your participants can follow you wherever they hang out in the cyber world.


8.      Host a contest or giveaway for a free event registration

If there is one universal truth, it’s that people love free things. Especially free things that are extremely valuable, like a registration for a highly sought-after event. Host a contest on Instagram or Facebook for the person who has the most likes or shares on a repost of your event image.


9.      Create individual images featuring each guest speaker

Having multiple images to promote your event is never a bad idea. Variety keeps things interesting, and with guest speakers, it’s easy to create images featuring each person to share with your networks.


10.  Offer a discount

If your event has a price tag, it could be a great reward to loyal followers to offer an early bird registration discount. Your customers will feel valued and they’ll also feel like they got a great deal, and you’ll have guaranteed participants to calm your nerves about no one showing up.


11.  Create a poll on Facebook to engage with followers

Make your customers feel directly involved in the planning process by creating a poll on Facebook.


12.  Host a live video session on Facebook

Live and interactive videos are quickly gaining popularity, as users love having direct interactions with the trainers, business coaches, bloggers and other “famous” people they follow.


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